Ian and I talk about TNG’s “Skin of Evil” on her podcast, Estradiol Illusions!

Recently, I went on my pal Ian Thomas Malone‘s podcast, Estradiol Illusions, to talk about The Next Generation’s “Skin of Evil”, how Armus is an incel, and how they really did Tasha Yar dirty. Click here to listen on the EI website!

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Episode Description:

Grab your phaser and your away team, because we’re heading to Vagra II. “Skin of Evil” lives on in Trek infamy for the senseless death of Tasha Var. Armus is one of science fiction’s earliest incels, taking the spotlight away from a female character in order to harass the rest of the crew with his endless whining. Natty Strange, co-author of the iconic web comic Pokey the Penguin, returns to the show to discuss this mess of an episode.

As Data put it, Armus has “no redeeming qualities.” That’s probably true, except with that annoying pile of goop, we probably wouldn’t be talking about this episode. Tasha deserved better. We all deserve better.

You can follow Nat on Twitter @nuns_on_film. Be sure to check out her new Star Trek blog, deepspacenat.com.

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Photo courtesy of Paramount. 

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