About Me

Portrait by Kris Nisula. Find them on Instagram @k.e.nisula.

My name is Natty Strange. I’m a comedian, organizer, actor, writer, gamer, and general weirdo. I also happen to be a big Star Trek fan, and have a lot of thoughts and hot takes about it.

I’m also the co-author of the long-running webcomic, Pokey the Penguin.

I mainly hang out on Twitter. You can find me at @nuns_on_film. Follow me for jokes, Star Trek takes, social justice-y stuff, mixtapes of weird music, comments, complaints, and fun.

You can find me on Instagram too: @natty_strange for jokes, and @lzrd_ppl for my personal account.

And follow Pokey on Twitter to experience his adventures in the Arctic Circle, in REAL TIME!!! HOORAY!!! @pokeythepenguin

Need to contact me? Fill out a comment card. >:)